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Batch photo filter software?

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Yeah, sorry I missed that you said InfranView.

In PhotoFiltre Studio put the plugin in the plugin folder,
program files-photofiltre-plugins.
Then in the program go to Tools - Preferences.
There is a drop down bar to choose plugins and 8bf.
Maybe you can make it work that way.
I haven't tried it, this is guessing for sure.

quote from IrfanView:

Available PlugIns and current versions:

    * 8BF_Filters - (version 3.97): allows IrfanView to load Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters.
      Note: some older/special 8BFs may require additional system DLLs:
      You can download these DLLs here:
      (check "Readme.txt" for instructions and install!)
--- End quote ---

Nice Curt, Ill check that out!

Here's a link from Infranview's site that may help as well.

Good suggestion Curt, however IrfanView still didn't work after installing the dlls, again becoming unresponsive.

Personally I didn't think it would because although the 2 dlls are not on my system, both the standalone PDSR and, (using the 8bf), worked fine.

ATM, after looking through the slides I've discovered that I may not need to run the filter over all of them, (maybe only about 40%), because the texturing in some of the slides obscures any dust/scratch marks.

So I'm currently just running the standalone PDSR over each affected slide which allows for a greater measure of control since I can mark which area to filter, (using the plugin it would have been the whole image by default).

Thanks for the suggestions.

I wonder if XnView and IrfanView are actually doing things but don't have a mechanism to show work/progress when running external filters. Is there any CPU activity when it freezes?

- Oshyan


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