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Batch photo filter software?

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Hi folks, having just spent the last 2-3 days scanning 1800 slides I am in need of some software, (preferably free), to automate the next process.

All(?!) that is required is the ability to batch run a Photoshop compatible filter, (Polaroid's Dust & Scratch), over all the images and save to JPG output from TIFF input.

While I'd lose some quality over the final output compared to running the standalone version of the filter, I don't mind because this is purely a BTN archival purpose.

Sounds simple but the programs I've tried don't seem work too well handling 8bf filters externally.  Most either don't work at all or don't support 8bf filters in their batch commands.

XNView - Becomes unresponsive and doesn't handle 8bf in batch commands.
Image Analayzer - Same as XNView.
GIMP - Couldn't even work out how to use it on the image, (image processing software isn't a high priority function of my existance). - Mentioned in a DC thread, it did work but can't do batch processing.
IrfanView - Same as XNView.

I don't particularly want to learn Photoshop's wierd and wonderful way of doing things, (nor do a massive download just to see if it'll do it), since I'll likely never use it again.

So, anyone have any suggestions?

Or if anyone knows of a freeware image processor that can do Dust & Scratch removal as good as Polaroid's I'll be happy with that too :)

Photofiltre, Photofiltre Studio or Infranview might work.
Finding the filter is the challenge.
And if it will batch process.

But I think both can use photoshop filters.
Or Harry's filters might work as well.

Some sites with the 8bf filters will have spyware or worse.
Be sure to have your defense up.

What are 8bf filters, please?

What are 8bf filters, please?
-rjbull (December 29, 2009, 03:56 PM)
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8bfw is the file extension of photoshop filters*
Other image editing programmes started using them as well.

I've seen other related formats, e.g. 8bs, also used by P'shop

*AFAIK there is now a newer format as well (?). I still work with photoshop 5.5 so I wouldnt know ;-)

Photofiltre, Photofiltre Studio or Infranview might work.-cmpm (December 29, 2009, 07:26 AM)
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Already have the filter, Polaroid Dust & Scratch Remover, the installer provides a standalone and 8bf for Photoshop or something that'll use them.

As per my first post, IrfanView just went unresponsive - note not 'Not Responding' according to Task Manager, just didn't respond to any input.
With Photofiltre, which I use for image touchup along with XNView, I couldn't find where to tell it to use the 8bf filter and the site doesn't mention whether either Photofiltre or Photofiltre Studio can even use them.

Or Harry's filters might work as well.
--- End quote ---

Haven't tried Harry's filters yet, (installed with XNView), because Polaroid's DSR generally gave a better result compared to other denoising methods with a minimum of effort.

EDIT: Here's a mini-review and download link to PDSR, (down the bottom of the article), since it's now impossible, (or just very hard), to find on Polaroid's website.


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