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FreewareGenius on the best free disk imaging programs


Another great roundup from our friends at FreewareGenius -- this time comparing free disk imaging tools.

This article aims to find out which free disk imaging software is the best . To answer this question we conducted head-to-head tests on four of the best free disk imaging programs that are available on the internet: Paragon Backup & Recovery 2012, DriveImage XML, Easeus Todo Backup, and Macrium Reflect.

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Most important point - they all actually worked :up:

I'm unable to comment there (timed out) so I'll comment here -
Thanks for the review, it's even helpful to know that they all actually work...
Dunno who did the graphics - but I have *no* idea what length e.g. 1,350 seconds is - I'm sure most other people work better in minutes too.
DriveImage XML's sins seem to be forgivable to me.
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ok guys... ill help here.

go to and dont waste your time  :Thmbsup:

i reinstall tons of machines in schools and learning centers :)

take the linux version, you will get better compatibility and no problems with usb.

PD: im just a customer


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