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software to draw network map

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I am looking for some free software that will allow me to draw a map of my internal network showing routers, access points, network printers, servers, etc.  It must have the pictures or drawings already in the software of all the above.  Also to have at box that could have name or IP address.

Does anyone know of anything that will do this?  Also must be easy to use. :)

Stoic Joker:
I found Network Notepad awhile back and its worked quite well for me.

This is probably overkill (and costs $90): LanFlow

I've used their very friendly flow charting software in the past (Edge Diagrammer).

Looks like this site [] is containing a piece of software called: theDude.

It detects devices in your network and draws a graphic from what it finds. The only thing you have to do is order the items in the graphic to represent their actual position and you're done.
Easy to use and it's free.

thanks for the replies.  i will check them out.  I had looked at theDude earlier but wasn't aware that the order could be re-arranged.


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