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What's the best text editor for editing PopUp Wisdom?


Paul Keith:
To follow up on my previous topic:

After trying to trim down the default books (not yet done), it is getting tiring having to select an entire line especially because you need to Word Wrap it to read it.

Another issue is duplicate quotes between books.

The notepad app I use is Notepad2, I really like it:

Hmm, Vim?

TED Notepad - excellent small, fast freeware editor with a plethora of useful tools built in.  For word wrap, choose the regular version, not the RE clone.  You need to check word wrap in Options, then Control-W wraps/unwraps text to screen.  TED Notepad has tools to deal with duplicates in the same file, i.e. remove them.  This won't work with different files at the same time: for that I suggest you investigate a Windows port of the Unix command-line tool "comm."  See my post here:  Re: Compare text files and keep only the DIFFERENT lines?


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