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Must-have Windows Programs

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I couldn't do without:
Dropbox - File syncing / backup
Keepass - password management
Editplus - Text editor
Bibble - photo processing software

Total Commander - filemanager, programlauncher and swiss knife
Deskangel - ( @Tranglos: if you like KatMouse, you should check out this one!)
Pstart - small, handy programlauncher
Firefox - Couldn't browse without it
CCleaner - fast and thorough system cleaner
Ditto - Clipboard manager
Dexpot - Virtual Desktop manager

I guess I would say there's programmes I must-have & there's programmes I love :-*
of course (as app says) these reflect how I use my time on my pc. No links, so I add a description of sorts

Love is -
(even though I'm often not a real 'power' user)
Launcher: - FARR (+ especially minicap & most recently used plugins)
Windows manager: - GridMove
Graphics/Drawing: - FreeHand
Information manager (all of it at this stage): - InfoQube
"lets you scroll a window without clicking/focusing it first" (quoting Tranglos!) - KatMouse
AutoHotkey and a lot of mini & not so mini-apps from Skwire & Skrommel and others here on dc

must-have is -
File Managers: - DOpus / Xyplorer (Lucky enough to have Total Commander as well)
Backup: - Super Flexible File Synchronizer
Backup, revisions of files: - FileHamster
Task Manager: - Process Explorer

there's lots of other apps that I maybe love even, but dont get to use a lot e.g. Trout, (music player), or, they are must-haves but I wont mind when I move on to something else e.g. Acronis True Image

Deskangel sounds interesting rudantam - must check if it's customisable... (I avoid middle & double clicks like the plague and have had right-click titlebar closing windows for years...)

Paul Keith:
Not trying to be insulting but since no one has mentioned it yet, "hardware related" software and PC Games are probably the top must-have Windows apps so I'd probably put a master list of games as a subcategory and a master list of applications like Itunes, ActiveSync, Portable Start Menu on the other.

Then on the third subtab, I'd put all work/creativity producing software like Photoshop on it.

Fourth subtab would be all about security like Antiviruses and reliable backup programs. (I'd include most online sync apps like Dropbox under there.)

Fifth would be the browser. Notably fast browsers like Opera/Chrome, heavy third party extensions for Firefox and IE alternatives like Maxthon.

...then I'd probably put the rest of the software mentioned here on that list. (Again, not trying to insult anyone's choices, as tomos said, there are loves and there are must-haves.)

P.S. Btw the image is a tad bit ironic since it's saying that a marketer can make any/most app a "must-have" and thus turning this topic into a list of everything you want to put underneath it, even apps you don't like at all.  

Applications I couldn't live without:

Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
File sharing: eMule AnalyZZUL
Instant Messaging: Miranda IM
IRC client: Gamers.IRC (well, I'm in the team, so I actually should use it, too)
Audio player: Winamp
Image viewer: IrfanView

All the other stuff I use, including my mail client and my chosen text editors, are not an actual "must-have" for me, I could easily go with alternatives...


Well, just for completion, these are my beloved other ones:

Text editors: Notepad++, Vim  :-*
E-Mail: Mozilla Thunderbird (unless I manage to know The Bat! better)
Video player: Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Writing documents and stuff:
Controlling Windows: ac'tivAid
Task manager: Process Explorer
Version control: TortoiseSVN, CommitMonitor

Not much platform-independent stuff, I know... but this is not a criterion for me.  :D

I use a real bunch of other applications not fitting into any of the categories above. I just think "must-have" is not "I always had it and it is quite useless for my typical PC usage but I love it".



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