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Anyone still using WordPerfect?

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I see they want $300 for their new version. Love that fancy XP screenshot. It really shows me what WordPerfect can do. Are they serious? C'mon!

Oh well, MS Office is not cheap either, and it has a, uhm ..., not too well designed GUI.

Yea, I'm not a fan of anything that sits there eating up valuable screenspace. Anymore, I only want to see a toolbar or menu bar when I hit the ALT key! Jeez, I'm a lazy bass.

Try using WriteMonkey ( ) then.  :-*

You can use it in blank screen or windowed mode. All commands are accessible via hotkey or from a popup menu. (Don't forget to turn on the typewriter sounds. It helps. Trust me.)

If that's too spartan, try Aure's RTF Editor ( ).

Anyone still using WordPerfect?

If you need fancier formatting and styling you can always just compose and then import into Word afterwards. Works for me. 8)

WriteMonkey is not a word processor.


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