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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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I posted the question above but did not receive a reply so.  Is there a trick to priniting a long autoscrolled file so it's legible?

hmm.. this is a bit out of my expertise.. if you mean printing from screenshot captor itself, it should give you an option to scale the image to the page so it all fits.

there may be better programs for printing images that will split an image over multiple pages (or printer drivers that do this).

You can scale and VIEW the image in SC, or save as an image and look at it in any image viewer.  The problem is that when I print the file in SC or any other program, it prints as teeny tiny characters if the autoscroll is of any substantial length.

Most probably, a word processor might solve your problem. Did you try pasting the image on ms word or something? You could fit it to the width of a page, and it would spread along lots of pages. Though, you probably would have to change the borders of the page to as small as possible, to avoid possible loss of parts.


I tried that but it doesn't work.  Any other suggestions?   


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