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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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If you have programs where screenshot captor fails to successfully capture in autoscroll mode, post them here, maybe we can help add support for them.

autoscroll capture can be tricky sometimes so there are a number of exceptions that can be set in the options. an exception is of the form:

you can tell the WindowClassName because its shown in parentheses when you use redbox capture and select a window.
the margins can be used to exclude scrollbars.

the extras supported so far (we will probably need to add more) are:

[blankstop needs to be used on programs which overwrite our special marker because they do a custom draw in a weird way.  ultraedit text editor window needs this.  if during capture your window seems to keep trying to scrolling forever and never figures out when it hits the end, try this.

sendkeys is used for windows where the normal pageup and pagedown messages aren't handled.  mozilla is an example of a program which needs this (but the exception is employed automatically in this case so you don't have to code an exception for this).]

and by all means if you figure out an exception setting for an app, post it for us to add.

I've found 3 windows where sc's autoscrolling ability seems not to work.
First is winamp's playlist window (although it works with all of the media library).
Second and third are in msnmessenger's conversation and contacts window.
I can't understand how to do an exception,could you explain a little better how to do it (maybe show an example,or something like that)?

i tried getting winamp to scrollcapture and couldn't, even in sendkeys mode which really *should* work...

the post above describes the idea.
here's what might have worked with winamp but doesnt quite:

Winamp PE;20;20;20;50;sendkeys

that says when capturing windows of class "Winamp PE" it should use the margins of 20;20;20;50 (see above)
and use the sendkeys method of scrolling.

im not sure why the sendkeys is not causing the window to scrol.. the margins are used to make the capture avoid the scrollbars and skinned window borders.

First there are WinAmp 2.x and 5.x (and even 3).
What you talk about both ?

Second, mouser, can you please explain where you take this numbers
> WindowClassName;leftmargin;topmargin;rightmargin;bottommargin;extras
> Winamp PE;20;20;20;50;sendkeys

Maybe with this example window?

--------- FYI
Au3info.exe from AutoIt can show us this numbers in a nice way:

Stefan, you should use GIF or (preferably) PNG image time when saving captures of user interfaces - JPEG is better for photos and stuff, but gives a smudged look for pictures like the above.


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