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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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Hum.. I think now I've understood how exclusions work.
@Stefan: thanks for the tip, using au3spy really helps on knowing where to cut!
No problem about autoscrolling not working in winamp, it was more as an example than a really useful feature (what's the use of taking a screenshot of your playlist when you can export it? ;))
But now I've some idea on how to use the exceptions! Thanks! :D

> gives a smudged look
They are compressed to 70% or lower

But your right of course :-)
Pls remind me again if necessary :-)

no prob !

Just tried SSC 2.09.10 beta to do scrolling capture of the file list of a Directory Opus lister window and, while it captured it successfully, the gap between some files is slightly too big. This appears to be at set intervals down the file listing so I assume the grab is done so many lines each time which are then appended together to give the complete listing. It's where they are appended together that the gap is slightly bigger.

I can post a screengrab if you don't understand what I'm talkling about :)

ms word 2000

also, is a way i can rotate the screenshot that i captured

While we're on the subject of autoscroll capture, I have a silly question.  If I save the file as .png or any other format, is there a good way to 'break' the image into multiple pages upon printing so I can actually read a long autoscroll capture?


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