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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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Or a semi automatic mode, where the user has to scroll between each screenshot and your programm connects all those screenshots automatically?
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we must be thinking alike, that idea just occured to me as well..
there are 3 hard parts about scrolling window capture:
1) determining the overlap between pages
2) determining when to stop scrolling and finish the capture.
3) sending the scroll commands to the window (page down or line down).

often all 3 of these issues can be done automatically, and scrolling window capture works.

sometimes 1 of these issues proves too hard for sc and it fails.

but a semi-automated process where the user is responsible for doing the page down commands and knowing when to stop, could be the perfect compromise with hard cases.

This could be a possibility to make screenshots from nearly everything, bigger than 1 screen.
How do you connect the different continuous screenshots at the moment?

Do you exactly know the overlap and then merge them by those values, or do you compare the contents of the images for equalness at the border?

If you're already using an algorithm, then the manual mode should be not too hard to implement (imho).
In the other case you will need a good algorithm :)

Hi Mouser,

I have purchased software that scrolling capture doesn't work on, unfortunately I can't provide a test as having the software would not help, you'd need to connect to my company's server before you'd have a window you can scroll. :-(

If my observations are correct, SC is unable to determine the size of the window to capture.  The window flashes several times but does not scroll as I'm used to seeing.  The actual capture is a single screen from somewhere a few lines down from the top of the window.

I don't see evidence that SC is troubled by inteference, such as from scrollbars.  Nonetheless I tried the advanced options such as sendkeys, with and without large ignore margins.  These tests have not made a difference, as they appear to only affect the process of the actual capture and not what comes before.

If you have a debug/logging version, I can run that for you.  I can also send you a video of the desktop while SC is attempting the scrolling capture.  Please let me know if these would help, or if there is anything else I can do to help resolve this issue.

Kind regards,

Hi Mouser,

I just tried out Screenshot Captor and the Scrolling Window Capture failed. I tried to capture a long blog in Mozilla Firefox 3.57 and I got 2 different results when capturing under Windows 7 (64-bit). The first did some scrolling but not until the bottom of the page. The second capture did a bit more scrolling but still not until the bottom of the page. This is the page I tried to capture:

Until now I used SnagIt for the capturing and it worked fine, but I just thought to give Screenshot Captor a try. Maybe you have a solution for it.


Scrolling capture doesn't seem to work under google chrome.

Result when trying to capture this page.


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