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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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thanks mouser, i know about the extension but i want to make a screen capture of the add-on window.. btw, after several tries, i got a different output (see pic).. :)


are there any news about the problems where the scrolling function only takes a screenshot of the currently visible page?
I'm trying to create a screenshot (for test) from a textfile in ultraedit. The same text in notepad.exe is being captured fine, but in ultra edit it doesn't work at all, showing only the current visible screen as result image.

I'm having the same problem in Altova XMLSpy. Because this software is not freeware I reproduced the same error in ultra edit (which can be used as 30-day trial)

I'm currently using XP Home (with all updates), Screenshot Capture 2.33.02

I would be grateful for an answer :)


Hello all,

it is a pitty, that nobody answered on my last posting above till now.
Am I the only person with this problem?

I installed the new Version from 1st of September, but the problems still exist.

Many regards,


I remember this problem from testing ultraedit, it has to do with an unusual scrollbar or client window space.  i will try to take another look at it and see what can be done to fix it.

Hello Mouser,

thank you very much for your answer :)
I'm looking forward for your solution :):)

Could it help to define the size of the workingspace manually?
Or a semi automatic mode, where the user has to scroll between each screenshot and your programm connects all those screenshots automatically?
With this mechanism it might also be possible to create screenshots from 'endless scrollers' like in Ultraedit, where you can scroll nearly endless to the right. (I know, that it doesn't make sense to take screenshots of the textarea of a texteditor, but it is only an example ;))

Many greetings,



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