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Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

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Another one: The Query Analyzer from Microsoft.

I wanted to capture an execution plan, but it failed.

please post some urls where i can try these tools.
note: make sure you are currently in an input field when you trigger it, as it tries to use keyboard simulation to scroll the window.

Unfortunatly the query analyzer is part of the Enterprise Manager and not free. So i can't offer an URL.

What happened was, that the window scrolled as expected, but the result didn't fit. If you like, i can post the screenshot that sc created?

mouser, need some help in capturing firefox's add-ons window. when i use the "auto-scroll capture" feature, the selected object turns dark and scrolls up and down but the end product is only the visible window..

Post your Programs where Scrolling Window Capture Fails

ill take a look at it; ps there is a great FF extension for listing all your extensions with url links by the way, if that's what you are wanting to do.


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