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I'm beginning my experiment with Linux and other OS's.

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I gave up temporarily.  Flash IS crap.  Not necessarily the software itself, but the installation, the update notices, all that is surrounding it.  Such an obnoxious program.

Odd. If you're running Suse 11.2, Flash should already be installed. Flash Player should show up in the menu under More Applications

Just to play it safe, after your initial installation, open YaST** and select the online update option. Run that and install all the updates it finds. (If you haven't already. ;))

If that doesn't fix it, just remove Flash using YaST, and then reinstall it.

If you're completely new to Suse, check out this article over at and follow along. It uses the Live Gnome version of the installer, but you can extrapolate if you're installing from the full DVD.

Note: I ran into the exact same problem with a client using Firefox where YouTube could not find Flash under WinXP. Turned out it was a pop-up blocker setting that was causing the problem.

Luck, and let us know how it's working out. :Thmbsup:

**Eeeeeek!!! Not sure why you are using YUM btw. YaST is the preferred installer for Suse. If you're new to it - stick to YaST. YUM is a royal PITA to set up manually  - and last I heard, it was removed from the 11.x repositories since it doesn't get along too well with Python 2.6 which is the default version Suse's repository will install.

Flash IS crap.  Not necessarily the software itself, but the installation, the update notices, all that is surrounding it.  Such an obnoxious program.
-superboyac (December 20, 2009, 10:24 PM)
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Hmm...maybe not crap - but it is getting to be an obnoxious little bugger to work with as well as an occasional security concern. Hopefully, a future version of HTML will eliminate the need for basic video playback plugins once and for all. (yeah right! :-\ )

... it is still not even close to the level I am accustomed to with Directory Opus.-Shades (December 20, 2009, 04:09 PM)
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If you don't mind going back to DOpus' Amiga origins you could try Worker.
From the Directory Opus 4 Research Project:
Worker  is a pretty accurate clone of the original Amiga DirOpus. It nearly looks and feels like the original. Distributed under the GPL.
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-4wd (December 20, 2009, 04:53 PM)
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Thanks 4wd  :Thmbsup:  Till now I didn't even knew that this project even existed. If it works just as smooth, I'm in for a treat  :)

(sorry for repeating it but I am and always will be an Amiga fanboy)  

Superboyac, I don't feel that I choose software because it's Windows-compatible.  I choose it because it does what I want.  I don't think I've ever had to settle for a different program because the one I wanted wouldn't run on Windows.  Perhaps if I were heavily into graphics design, I might well have had such experiences (or I might be using a Mac). 

While I haven't felt constrained in my software choices, I know several people who switched from Windows to a Mac, and none of them found equally satisfactory software to replace the Windows programs they could no longer run.  Indeed, Scot Finnie wrote about this issue at some length in his newsletter when he made the switch to a Mac.  So no, I don't agree that I'd find equally satisfying programs if I were to move from Windows to a different OS.  It's not a matter of having a closed mind or of being irrational.  Quite the contrary.  Paying attention to what's available for other operating systems--and what's not--seems to me quite rational. 

So while I share your frustration about Windows, I don't see myself making the switch to another operating system anytime soon.  And software is one of the main reasons I'll stay with Windows.


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