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IDEA: internet explorer desktop icon (right click)


is there an app that'll let me add links to the IE desktop icon (when you right click on it) and or link to the user's favorites folder?  i'd find it easier to launch my email or web-based anti-virus programs this way.  heck even launching windows update this way would be cool too!

I think you need to clarify your idea a bit.
You can already right-click a page (in IE) and choose "Create Shortcut" to save a link on your desktop.

Not sure if you are aware of this, but if you right click your taskbar and look under the "Toolbars" menu, there is an option for "Links" that will place the entire collection of favorites that you have on IE's Links toobar, on your taskbar as a toolbar. You can slide this toolbar as small as possible and get a little button with a double arrow, that when clicked will give you a popup menu with all your favorites.


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