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Browser tray switch & firefox Profiles

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What I've done is install firefox 3 times into different locations & have each one set to load the profile using  -p -no-remote "Profile Name" in my 2nd & 3rd firefox install shortcuts. My main profile i use just  -p Profile Name". Anyways, I'm having problems making the browser tray switch change them to the default browsers & even manually setting them to default browser all my links & programs that have links to go to the makers wabsite still open up in my main firefox or the first profile i open up.

See, i log into a site via a program i load up which has a open in browser option. Now i have 3 accounts so i open up 3 programs & sign in to my 3 accounts. What i want is to load 1 account in my main ff profile, 2nd in my 2nd profile & 3rd in my 3rd profile. But regardless to what i set as default browser they all open up in the same firefox profile & not the specific profiles i have open.

Can anyone help :D

Ok i *think* i can take a guess about this..

The way BrowserTraySwitch (now) works, is that is saves snapshots of the current DEFAULT settings.

When you use a commandline parameter to launch firefox with a certain profile, it's actually telling firefox NOT to change the default setting, and only to run one time with your specified profile.  So when you tell BrowserTraySwitch to memorize the current default settings, there is nothing for it to record.

So i think the first step would be to try CHANGING THE DEFAULT PROFILE in firefox to each of your different profiles in turn, and asking BrowserTraySwitch to save each time you do as a new configuration.

Now if that does not work, which it may not, it just probably means that BrowserTraySwitch is not memorizing the registry value that stores the value saying what profile is set in FireFox (assuming that it is a registry settings).  If that's the case, contact me and i'll see if i can add it (and if you can find the registry setting that records what profile is set as default that would help).

I dont get what you mean by making each profile to the downloaded firefox as default. Only options i have when i remove "Profile Name" from the pop up profile selection is dont ask at startup, rename & create new profile. I dont see any option to make it default.

But even my going into the browser options & manually making it default without using BrowserTraySwitch, when ive checked the program to see which browser its set to default its set to FIREFOX1 which is my default, not my other 2 profiles are FIREFOX2 & FIREFOX2 & there both loaded into the program also & named as such. When i manually change default browser in one of my firefox's it does change it on the program so it does recognise the change.

Its just i have no idea how to make links open up in the default browser using which is FIREFOX1 & they refuse to open up in FIREFOX2 or 3, they only load up in the first profile i load up regardless to which is default browser.

Salve!  I, too, am very interested in this.  I use two firefox profiles - one for browsing and one for development.  And I use the addon called "ProfileSwitcher" in both profiles.  What that does is that it always pops up firefox's "choose profile" dialog that asks me which profile I want to launch.  It also gives me a toolbar button to allow me to launch another profile - but it doesn't do anything at all about which instance is the "default browser".

Now, whichever profile I launch FIRST on the system - that one will be the default "Firefox".  And if you go to settings and tell ANY Firefox instance to check whether it is the default browser, each and every one will say that it is already default.  The system's "default browser" is only for the browser, not the instance.

This may be a useful link for this thread as it refers to some registry settings:

So I would like to choose which instance of Firefox is the "default browser" via this nice Browser Tray Switch.

I created a thread for this at SuperUser:
We'll see if anyone comes up with an answer!

Also, it seems that the "default instance" is controlled by Firefox in Application Data\Firefox\profiles.ini.  There is an ini entry there for "default=1".  Problem is that you seem to have to restart all instances of Firefox...

[edit] I know I posted in on a new thread, but the topic is the same.  Is anybody out there?


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