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Infix PDF Editor now at version 4

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Perry Mowbray:
I just found that seems to have some nice features:

* Created hyperlink indexed and tagged PDF (PDF files)
* Production of tables of contents of paragraph styles
* Windows Explorer shell integration
* Command Line Version / PDF Batch Converter 7p.exe
(Bolding mine) I wonder if automatic hyperlink creation is unique amongst freeware?

Not yet commenting your post, Perry, but just quoting the Iceni site some more on Infix Pro:

No other PDF editor comes close to Infix when it comes to dealing with text.

    * Edit PDF like a Word Processor
    * Make changes to paragraphs and columns of text
    * Copy and paste graphics and text between PDFs
    * Spell-check PDFs in 20+ languages
    * Search & replace in long PDF documents
    * Make corrections to hidden text in scanned OCR PDFs
    * Use tabs, margins and indents controls for better layout

--- End quote ---
New for version 4:

Form-Fill Tool   PDF form-filling
Quickly fill-out forms that you would otherwise have to print out and post!      

Translate    Translate using CAT tools
Export entire documents to XML, leaving a PDF skeleton. Then import translated XML back in-place.
Print to PDF    Convert to PDF
Print your documents via the Infix PDF Printer to convert them into PDF ready for editing in Infix.

20+ languages    Support for 20+ languages
Hyphenation and PDF spell-checking support for more than 20 languages.
--- End quote ---

I can see now that I forgot to tell the difference between Standard and Professional; I merely told the difference between version 3 and 4. Actually I blame my lose of focus on the Iceni site; it is a little messy, with many hard-to-find links, etcetera. 

Infix Professional offers all of the editing features of Infix Standard and Form Filler plus the following:

Do more with PDF graphics
Infix Pro includes tools for handling graphics such as grouping, hiding and locking. It also adds the ability to edit and create clipping masks plus a vertical ruler to allow easier object alignment.

Impose / Place PDF
Re-use your PDFs as components in new documents by simply placing them on the page. Resize, rotate and move as you would any other object. Since Infix can also convert any kind of document into a PDF, you can effectively import any kind of document into a PDF.

CMYK colour picker and swatches catalogue
Professionals rely on CMYK colours so Infix Pro offers a CMYK colour picker. It also includes a catalogue of all colours used in the document - the swatch catalogue. The can be used to maintain a consistent colour palette while editing a PDF.

Translate PDFs using CAT tools and XML
Export a PDF as XML for translation using your favourite CAT tools. Then import the translated XML back into the PDF. Infix will fit the translated text back into the place where it originally came from, minimising the need to adjust page layouts.

Works with Infix Server
Make PDF templates for Infix Server. Tag areas of text for replacement using the fielding facility. This also enables you to specify the kind of reflow that will occur during replacement. Tag images specifying the cropping and alignment to be used when replaced.

Advanced PDF text fitting
Whether for Infix Server templates or general artwork, advanced text fitting ensures your copy looks its best. Infix Pro offers complete control over fitting enabling you to control which metrics get altered during the fitting process. It can even perform text fitting across connected text blocks.

PDF Pre-flighting
For piece of mind, Infix Pro can check for low-resolution images, non CMYK artwork and over-set text using the simple pre-flight checking tool. It also checks for problems when preparing PDF templates for use with Infix Server such as font embedding and mapping issues.

Search & Replace across PDF documents
With the powerful batch mode, Infix Pro can search across multiple PDFs or entire directories full of PDFs. It will work through all documents, leaving original documents in-tact and keeping track of any errors or problems during processing.

PDF Search and replace by font, colour or size
More advanced search criteria allow you to limit searches by the size, colour or font used for text. Useful for changing text in headers/footers without disturbing similar content in the main body of a PDF.

Conversion of text to outlines
For guaranteed printing success or to stop any further edits of a document, Infix Pro can convert all contained text into vectors.

Lock-down PDF elements in templates
Produce PDFs for clients with restrictions allowing objects to be locked, moved only vertically (to ensure alignment isn't altered), restrict the colour palette that can be used and the fonts that may be employed.-Iceni
--- End quote ---

... I can say already that the "Professional" version is what I want; and they don't give that one away.
-Curt (December 17, 2009, 07:11 PM)
--- End quote ---

Wow, they read this thread and gave me a free key for the PRO version!!

Perry Mowbray:


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