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Very nice item on a cool site i hadn't heard about before (, about our Coding Snacks section:

The Coding Snacks forum within the site is a breeding ground of new ideas for tiny, open source apps. Read through some of the previous entries and post one of your ideas you’d like to see implemented.

--- End quote ---

Tiny Hacker is related to the "How-To Geek" site, a very cool place.

There is a comment now that says we force people to sign up. I wanted to rebut it but couldn't find the right words to explain how it works. All my attempts sounded too harsh...

actually it doesn't quite say that it, it says the poster thought DC was closed source donationware (clearly he hasn't spent much time here...)

i posted a comment reply:
"Thanks for writing about the coding snack section on our site -- it's definitely one of the things we have the most fun doing.

-mouser (

Casey, we have a bunch of very large commercial-grade closed source applications on our site that do require signing up to obtain a free license.  But the coding snacks section programs are all free for download by anyone, require no signup, and usually come with source code."

ah now it is much clearer to me as well.

very good!


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