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Assemblee: Indie Game Design Competition

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This looks like a fun thing:

Assemblee is a two-part game-making competition!  Each part has its own rules.

1. In the first part, artists and musicians will have a month to create as many art and music assets as they wish.  These assets will be voted on at the end of the month based on the quantity, quality, and variety of the assets provided.

2. In the second part, designers and programmers will have a month to take the assets created in part one and make games with them (assets used need not be limited to one person or team).  The programmers cannot make any changes to the assets unless it's done during runtime.  The best game will be voted on in the normal fashion.

3. Finally, the teams that created games for the second part will each vote on which artists and musicians they felt were the most useful in making their game.

4. The art and music that was created for the competition will be released to the public under certain provisions (non-commercial, credit given, etc.).

--- End quote ---

NOTE: They are aready up to part 2!
End Date: Sunday, January 10th (Around Midnight)

That's sounds pretty interesting, hey mouser have you ever coded a game?

The entire motivation for me learning to program was to make games.. When i was just learning to program at the age of 13 or so i would try to make my own versions of arcade games.. I made lots of them.. games you kids may never have heard of.. q*bert, centipede, space invaders, asteroids, star castle, targ, pac man, lunar lander, etc.  Some i did well, and some were truly pathetic. Later I spent the good part of the year writing an adventure game creation system that combined text adventure features with ultima and wizardry type graphics, that i had huge hopes for, but it never went anywhere.  Making games is one of the funnest things that you can do a coder -- i wish i had the time to work on such things now.

Wow that's pretty impressive, you making your own games based on other games. Actually i know some of the games you have mentioned, not all of them tough, i guess i am an old person now. Do you still have the games you made around? maybe you could share them for a laugh.

i really wish i did.. they were almost all made on the original ibm pc, which we bought the day it came out in 1981, and those floppies are long gone.  to bad too, it would be fun to look back at them.  i use to make games on a trs-80 as well, which was great fun.


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