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OK.. now that I got that sorted.. I need some MMS catching aid..

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I cant.. for the life of me trap the MMS this leads to

I just end up with asf or asx files with the same two referrers in..

are they getting sneaky/smart or is possibly windows 7 preventing _proper complete_ detection of some sort?

is anyone able to trap it?


If i plug that url into NetTransport, it records it fine (actually the audio is a tiny bit stuttery but not too bad).
Excellent program that NetTransport is (
Maybe it's time for us to try to get another discount on it?

Have you tried also Orbit Downloader ( -- it also tends to be good at such things.

and the MMS is?.. i need the MMS ..

I dont need to record it.. I need the MMS.. and yes ive tried Orbit.. just get the asf/asx redirector files.. not the ACTUAL stream..

it's just:

it's just:
-mouser (December 13, 2009, 10:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

what..did you just replace the http? cos i was completely unable to actually CATCH that.. those bbc ppl are just.. evil... =)


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