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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name SubDivVersion 1.2 Short Description Organize your changing folders Supported OSes MS Windows (All) Web Pages - You're looking at one.
- GitHub RepoDownload Link See GitHub.System Requirements
* Windows
* A folderVersion History
* 1.2 - Updated format + 2 new features
* 1.0 - First working version Author pyrohacker


SubDiv was built to organize folders that are constantly being filled with new content, such as a 'Downloads' folder. When you are continually throwing files from the Internet into a folder on your computer, that folder becomes very disorganized (at least for me). SubDiv will take those files and put them into folders based on the day they were created.

Portable - Program is drive-independent and saves settings using .ini files, so it can be placed on any computer.
Currently sorts based on the day that a file was created.

Planned Features by Priority

* Multiple date formats - Semi-done! (currently supports two separators.)
* Multiple sorting methods - File extension, Alphabetical, & possible others
* Multiple work modes - Update or Constant Monitor
* Optional recursive sorting of subfolders - Done! (Thanks, doctorfrog!)
* Optional sorting of subfolders themselves
* Independent website
* Help file (only if it becomes complex enough)
Possible Features (not set in stone)

* Undo feature - Probable, but not a priority.
* Custom user sort fields - Not for a long time, but keep your hopes up!
pyrohacker pyrohacker


Place the .exe file into the folder you wish to have sorted.

Using the Application
Run the program! Current settings are:

* Recurse - take files from sub-folders and sort them as well.
* Cleanup - delete empty folders every time a files are sorted.
Delete the .exe file and the .ini file. Please note, however, that there is no way to undo sorting at this time.

Known Issues
No issues that I'm aware of, other than incompleteness!

It's difficult to test a program that is based on taking a long time. Let me know if you run across any bugs.

Since I don't know how to manage files and folders in C++, this project has been made in AHK.
Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed!

Sounds like a useful app.  Any word on a release?

Not meant to discourage but maybe you can get some inspiration from Belvedere
Maybe adding options to dynamically create folders based on date, or put up some pre-defined rules like, auto-sort by extension and create folders based on the extensions and/or type. Example predefined rules would be:
*.pdf --> Goes to PDF folder
*.xls; *.doc; *.ppt --> goes to MSOffice folder
*.jpg;*.gif;*.png --> goes to Images folder

...and yes, it's great that it will be a portable app.

Phew!  I cut it a bit too close, but SubDiv has been released!  The current version is limited, but more development will follow!

All suggestions are welcome, but I probably won't be able to address most of them.

Seems to work as advertised  :up:
Utimately would be nice to not have to copy the subdiv program into the folder you want to sort and have some more options, but it's off to a good start.


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