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fSekrit has a new website!

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I've finally gotten around to setting up a "proper" website for fSekrit; mouser gave me a account quite a while ago, and it didn't have anything but a half-arsed page for my Notepad++ plugins... until now. Behold, the new and much improved1 site for fSekrit and the Notepad++ plugins :)

When Gothi[c] gets around to fixing it, the current page should redirect smoothly to the new site... until then, this post will hopefully help search engines pick up. Redirects are up and running, thanks plenty to Gothi[c] :)

In order to not be an entirely self-promoting post, I'm going to ask you guys for feedback. Anything goes - design, content, grammar, splellelling, you name it! Current list of known this-could-be-done-betters:

* Main page is rather boring :)
* Space is needed between icons and text in sidebar.
* Latest forum posts in fSekrit page not implemented yet.
* Use donationcoder favico for DoCo sidebar link.

#1: thanks to scancode for pointing me to Free CSS Templates, otherwise the new site would still look like crap :P

Update: added forum feed integration. Looks like crap, but the main code (including feed caching, should the site ever be slashdotted :P) has been done. Chose to roll my own to get some PHP experience, turned out to be pretty easy.

This post is mostly to check the caching etc :)

Nice to see the site.
Nice to have fSekrit 1.4!
(Ahem, I didn't like to mention this in public but you seem to have forgotten to include the little, twinkling Christmas lights and C= 64-vintage music.)


Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
... the new and much improved1 site for fSekrit and the Notepad++ plugins ... -f0dder (December 13, 2009, 07:07 PM)
--- End quote ---
404 page not found for your above link.
it should be this:
Notepad++ plugins

Thanks, Jammo, link fixed :)


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