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Questions re Windows 7 Starter on a Netbook

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Zaine, glad to help :)

I've been running Windows 7 Ultimate on my MSI Wind U120. I don't believe I've encountered any software that worked on XP that doesn't work on Windows 7. This particular netbook cannot upgrade from 1GB to 2GB of RAM so Win 7 does run a bit slow in a few aspects. I disabled Aero because there was something that would always disable it. I can't remember exactly what it was anymore. Probably a game.

I use AVG (free) for my anti-virus and haven't noticed any problems with that.

Since (AFAIK) netbook hardware is essentially all the same, I would not recommend putting Win 7 on a netbook unless you can get 2GB of RAM, as that might make almost all the difference in the world. Though I suspect, as Josh mentioned, that because of the CPU and GPU limitations there would still be video choppiness in DVDs and higher resolution videos. Though I don't understand how you could watch HD video on a netbook since they're limited to about 1024x600 and HD is 1920x1080.

720P (1280x720) is also "HD". Though still you can't play it at ful resolution on many netbooks.

- Oshyan

I'm running Win7 Home Premium on an Asus EeePC 1000H for about 2 months now ((your basic single core atom processor). It runs just fine, but it does get a bit slow with too many open apps/windows. I use it for my work and run Office 2010 beta with Outlook open all day, in addition to various open Firefox, Word or Excel windows. I probably have 7-10 windows open at any one time. Its not a speed demon, but it can handle it. Though, I do recommend 2gb of memory. I have no problems running flash videos. I do turn off all the fancy screen bling :>) and follow typical "speed up win 7 tips". Make sure you get a decent hard drive - 5400 rpm minimum. As for security, I use the free Microsoft Security Essentials - small footprint, efficient, relatively unobtrusive, decent reviews (no antivir stops everything).


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