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NANY 2010 - Press

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Perry Mowbray:
This thread is to keep track of places where NANY 2010 is mentioned.

To quote mouser's comment from last year (it's still relevant):
I feel like i should make a post mentioning why i think it's relevant and fun to have a thread about any "press" or mentions of the NANY 2009 programs, because if i was a new person to the site i might feel like it was a bit annoying or self-promoting to see a post like this.

Unlike a big company with advertising and marketing money -- the only way people find out about DC and the stuff that goes on here is when other sites notice or when friends tell friends about us.

As a programmer participant in the NANY event, part of the fun is the enjoyment that one receives from other people trying and liking your software.

I always feel nervous when we do something like this that it will be like a tree falling in the woods and no one noticing.. and while programming is it's own reward -- i think it's so nice when everyone involved can also get the enjoyment that comes when new people and new personalities discover the programs and enjoy them.  (it's also very nice and fun for the site in general to have new people discovering the site, especially when there introduction to the site is something as purely a celebration of software as an event like this is).

So anyway, that's why i think it's so cool when i see a program that was part of the NANY event written up, i think to myself how cool it is that someone took notice of the work that this coder put into their program, and how much more rewarding it may be to the coder to see their good work acknowledged.
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Please add a link when you find it!

Perry Mowbray:



Very sweet post on Elite Freeware:


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