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NANY 2010 Release: ClipTrap

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v1.0.7 - 2012-03-10
    * Made a slight change/tweak to the "Copy window text" functionality to
      try and preserve CR/LF line endings.  (Thanks, N. Richardson)

i like the program, nice and lightweight. How about adding a "close to tray" option? I'm always closing it by mistake and then have to redo all of the clips that i thought that i was saving because i accidentally clicked close rather than minimize.

Can do...and welcome to the site.  =]  Give me just a minute.

Here you go.   :D

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v1.0.8 - 2012-04-11
    + Added "Close to tray" option.  (Thanks, jltarley)

Here you go.-skwire (April 11, 2012, 05:10 PM)
--- End quote ---
That took over twenty minutes. Surely you can do better than that!  :P


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