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NANY 2010 Release: Anuran

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Anuran is great!

One thing i would suggest for next version:
When user hits Close button on the popup, it should:
1) check if any text has been input in the box -- if not, just discard entry.
2) if text HAS been put in box, save it;
3) OR prompt user and say: hitting close box will abandon the note -- in order to save notes just hit enter.

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v1.0.13 - 2010-01-01
    * If you close the popup via the X button, any note text will be saved.  If
      the entry is blank, it will be discarded.  (Thanks, mouser)

I don't many credits left but you can have them because this is awesome.

Thanks for the compliment and the credits.  I appreciate both.

This is a super app! When you're adding entries, the textbox should recognize ctrl+backspace as "delete previous word" though.

keep up the great work!


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