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NANY 2010 Final Release: FARR Plugin ProcessInfo

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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name FARR Plugin ProcessInfo Version 1.1.0 Short Description A FindAndRunRobot plugin to display information about running processes Supported OSes Windows System Requirements
* FARR 2.80.02 recommended (for use with latest FScript)Version History
* 1.1.0:  Bug fixes by mouser, including showing all processes and adding icons for many processes that didn't show them
* 1.0.1:  Bug fix
* 1.0.0:  Release!
* 0.9.0:  pre-release
* 0.0.5:  alpha testingWebsite:
* Main
* Bug/Feature Tracker
* Wiki
* DownloadAuthor Jonathan Prater Screencast
* YouTube:

I'm a sysadmin by trade, and I frequently need to get quick information about processes running on a machine (either my own or a remote PC).  I also frequently need to know what files the process is actually using at any given moment.  And I don't necessarily want to have to access the machine directly to get that information.
While there are tools already available that give me that information, none of them are particularly fast about giving it to me, and none of the are as intutive as a FARR alias/plugin could be. :) So I wrote this to be the fast, simple tool that I as an admin need to get information quickly.

Current Features
- It queries processes matching a specified partial name, then lists them out by name and ID.
- Upon selection of a specific process, it returns more detailed information, including memory used, count of handles open, and paths to actual files.

Planned Features
- Access to processes on remote computers.


Initially, the user types in pinfo...
NANY 2010 Final Release:  FARR Plugin ProcessInfo
As the user enters more characters, ProcessInfo tightens down on the processes that match what was entered.  The results list looks like this:
NANY 2010 Final Release:  FARR Plugin ProcessInfo
Upon selecting the desired target process, the user gets something like this:
NANY 2010 Final Release:  FARR Plugin ProcessInfo

Installing this application:
Make sure you've got FARR installed ;), then download the plugin file (attached below) and unpack it to a subdirectory of $FARR_Install\Plugins.
Toggle FARR and type rplugins, then click OK.  One of the plugins in your list should be ProcessInfo, with an alias of pinfo.

pinfo processname.  Hit enter on a process you want to see details for.  To see all processes, just type pinfo followed by a space.
To query remote computers: pinfo c=computername processname.

Toggle FARR and type rplugins.  Before clicking OK, delete the directory $FARR_Install\Plugins\$ProcessInfo, where $ProcessInfo is the directory you originally unpacked the plugin to.[/list]

Great to see a FARR plugin entry  :Thmbsup:

:D Thank you for your help getting it working in the first place!

you might consider trying to show and filter results live.. that is, always return to farr the complete list of processes running and let FARR filter them to match what user types.

i'm just impressed that you are grabbing this info using javascript!  that's pretty damn cool.

Wow...very cool.  Nice job.


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