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NANY 2010 RELEASE: DupFind

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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name DupFind Version 1.0 Short Description A simple, graphical application that scans a directory tree and reports any duplicate files found Supported OSes Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, MacOS/X (and possibly others like OpenSolaris) Web Page The beginnings of a wiki Download Link GitHub System Requirements
* Qt 4.5+
* Python 2.6Version History
* 0.9 beta - almost ready for testing -- December 13th 2009
* 1.0 release - enjoy :) - December 31st 2009Author C-o-r-E

I have a nasty habit of having very cluttered file systems. I tend to download things like assignment PDFs, forget about them and download them again. For the reason of tidying my forest of clutter I wrote this application initially as a CLI python script. However around the same time, app103, a user here told me about NANY on IRC. I thought that I just happen to have written something that is probably useful to other people so why not join in!

DupFind is essentially that script but with a spiffy GUI. Not many people today live on the command line like myself so a nice user interface was key. For this I used the pyQt Qt bindings.

DupFind will be released as free (as in freedom) software, and will probably be GPL'd. This means you can do with it as you want as long as credit is given and it remains free.


* Cross-Platform.
* Simple GUI.
* Threaded.
* Finds all (exact) duplicates in a directory tree.
* Fast.
Planned Features

* Auto cleanup.
* Concurrent scanning/hashing. (Maybe)
* Database features.

Right now just execute (installer maybe later)

Using the Application
As of now it should be intuitive.


Known Issues
None :)

I am more messy then you but i had very bad experience with other Sw to find or remove duplicates

I hope you share my same concept of duplicate:
Same name and extension do not identify clones..I may well have 10 different images in 10 different folders called "image.jpg" just because that is the default name and i was in hurry, i will hate see 9 deleted

So my idea of a duplicate finder include, that after a generic check for file that have same name ,extension  is checked also the FILE SIZE
because obviously if file size is different may be variants but for sure we are not more talking about duplicates

And i will appreciate a " PARANOIA mode":
once i get a list of possible duplicates a " PARANOIA mode" option should allow me

1 )If are text files (including script and codes )to open them with Winmerge or any similar app created to spot differences in text or codes (of course should be installed)
2) if are images files open them in my image viewer so i may check if are really duplicates

O a similar " PARANOIA mode" is a close parent of  the "Open with" option of many sw and require at first a couple of user's input:
basically the user indicate the path for the executive of the program to be used to open the files (in my example may be for images files a path for xnview.exe )

Then in case i select a group of possible dups in PRANIOA mode the "finddup"  program should hopefully pass as argument what is needed for the other sw to open that very files that must be checked

 i believe something similar will make the difference also respect to commercial alternative

Well I didn't get to add all the features that I wanted before the release but since its the last day... well here it is! I will try to add some stuff to it in the near future.


I think our definitions are different; What I mean by duplicate is identical data, regardless of name. Though I might implement some of the stuff you mentioned in a future release ^_^


Happy New Years!
See you in 2010!

What I mean by duplicate is identical data, regardless of name
-C-o-r-E (December 31, 2009, 08:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

that sounds good - any tips re the download link - I'm afraid I dont know where to begin over there...

Yes, any chance you can zip up the files and make them available for download? Not sure I want to install git just to test this. Thanks.


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