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Google's Eric Schmidt has a stupid moment on privacy

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@Tuxman: "I don't want a commercial company to know anything about my personality. (And I don't want it to drive around in cars, taking pictures of me without asking me for permission first.)"
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Sadly, that world has not existed for many years now. You are visible and trackable almost every time you step outside your door. At the least, there is no more locational privacy. So:
- don't use a bank card
- don't use a phone
- don't drive a car (esp. to an intersection, on an interstate, or one that has On-Star)
- don't use email
- don't buy anything online
- don't watch TV from a cable or satellite company (they know what's on your DVR and what you watched last weekend)
- don't shop at a grocery store (even in the 1980s, the store I worked for tracked your personal purchases!), thus:
- don't use a discount or coupon card

and so on. One place where you will disappear -- as a "person" -- is if you're in prison. Again, sad. But we must appease our rich overlords who demand our demographic habits.

Up to now I can easily withstand the several temptations to register anywhere.

Watched the Eric Schmidt interview again within the CNBC show "Inside the Mind of Google" last night and to be fair, it was clear that the context his statement had to do with terrorism, building bombs, acquiring explosive materials, etc. Even the preceding segment was about what evil could come from typing in searches. Schmidt went on to claim that if they did use search data against customers, they would quickly lose business to rivals.

Gee Eric, ya think!

On the flip side of privacy, if you're falsely accused of murder, it helps to have cameras and GPS showing that you were at Walmart wearing a 'Tony the Tiger' costume and buying Q-Tips.

Throwing a fit at the cash register wouldn't hurt either.


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