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NANY 2010 Release: Twigatelle

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New build uploaded with level 3 now in place.

Well, also level 4 but that's boring since at the moment it's the same sort of thing as level 5, i.e. random distribution (based, as if anyone cared, on a custom fast Poisson distribution method what I wrote)

Anyone got any ideas for level layouts based on the shapes now available?

Enjoy. Still some bugs in there folks, but I will get them fixed.  :-[

[Edit] Sorry folks, Twigatelle is unavailable for a short time while I figure out why the jar file has stopped building correctly!

 :'( I wanna playyy

Well that's really nice to hear. I think it's the latest release of IntelliJ IDEA - it's not rolling all the resources into the jar. I may have to downgrade.  :mad:

Hey wait a minute, the "bars" are larger than 16x16!  Does that mean that my bumpers that are currently making me cringe can be larger?  (Not that I'd want to..)

I'm going to get done with the graphics I'm making today, hopefully.

bars are ok up to 32x16


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