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Mini-Review: Breeze Cat Litter System

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Ok this is weird to be posting it but I figure we are all friends here, why not share some tips and tricks for things other than software.

I've been using* this new cat litter system, Breeze, for the last couple of weeks and I am extremely impressed with it.  It basically uses special reusable pellets and a special liquid absorbing pad (like a diaper) in a bottom compartment to collect liquid waste.


It seems to live up to it's promise of not having any real odor, and it's hands down the easiest litter i've had to clean and maintain by a very wide margin.  The improvement in my cat's life has to be significant since the litter is always clean now and it never was before.  Nothing outside the box either (i've never used clumping clay litter since the sandy grains drive me crazy.  I guess if there was one negative it would be that the solid waste might smell a bit until you remove it since it just lays out there in the open and doesnt get buried.

About Price: Basically they suggest you replace the proprietary pellets once a month, and the proprietary pad once a week.  You can buy these in bulk from Amazon and I think I worked out the price to be about $14 a month in total costs if you do that.  I was spending more than that on the litter i used previously (Feline Pine), and this is far superior, and also there are no liners to buy either.

Also, the supplies take up vastly less space than traditional kitty litter supplies since it uses vastly less litter than traditional litter boxes.

Highly recommend  :up:

*Technically it might be more accurate to say that my cat has been using and I have been maintaining.

Hehe, cool. Not as geeky as the but if it works...  :Thmbsup:

Screw that and go really deluxe (and virtually maintenance free, so they say) with this sucker:
A co-worker of mine has this. He actually likes it quite a lot. But apparently it's nearly the size of a toilet and needs to be hooked up to your actual toilet for drainage. So let's hope you have a roomy bathroom. ;)

- Oshyan

I'm not a cat owner presently, but probably will be again when my dog dies (my building is strict about having only one pet).  However, I handle probably about two calls a week for litterbox problems, with a behavior helpline (messages) I've volunteered on for about four years now.  I'd never seen theses systems you three listed.

mouser, I went to your website link and did some reading about your new system.  I was wondering, do you think kittens would get the hang of using the Breeze system?  They explain how to make a transition from a traditional lb to the new system, but kittens have a strong natural desire to go in clay.  They recommend making a bit of a mix, adding the artificial pellets to the old box as a primary to the transition, but can you go the other way around?  I can always call the company when the time comes, but I usually like your impressions on gadgets, software, etc, if you've got some on this.

brotherS, have they got plans for a hyprid roomba/litter-robot that you know of?  there's only a billion vehicle jokes that math up well with that gadget.

JavaJones, when I got out of college many years ago, I was finding myself, so I homesteaded my unheated Grandmother's summer cottage which had been unused for several years.  I was trying to winterize it, so I bought heat wrap tape for the water pipes, but the bathroom was still unheated, and I was worried about the water in the bowl freezing, and causing a fracture in the fixture.  I came up with this idea to bring a hot water pipe up to the intake, and when winter came I would flush with hot water.  I sweated the pipe over, with a valve to just use cold like normal the rest of the year.  So the first frost came, and I switched to hot, and did a test flush.  The house only had a crawl space underneath, and a big iron sewage line underneath, so the combo of the cold bowl, and the steaming water....poof!  The whole room was in a thick fog bank, with drips running down the mirror, windows, etc, in just one single flush, almost instantaneously.  I'm glad the bowl was very clean and that the flush was a blank test.  I went to plan two, drilled a mouse hole through the pine board wall, and brought electricity in there for a space heater.  That worked great for many years.  Your link reminded me of my big blunder that year, and the laugh I had on myself.

I almost missed this post, but glad I caught it for both chuckles and a possible evolution.

I wouldn't worry about kittens. They really will go in anything granular, sandy, or pellets. I have even seen them go in their dish of dry catfood.

The transition issues are really more for adult cats that have become used to a particular scent and texture in cat litter. Whenever you make a change from one type to another (or sometimes even one brand to another of the same type), you have to go through the process of mixing the new type with the old, weaning them off the old, otherwise they may freak out about it and start going your carpet or bed.


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