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NANY 2010 - Mini NANY Submissions

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Perry Mowbray:
This Thread can be used to submit your Mini NANY. Mini NANYs were announced here: You can also submit your Mini NANY in it's own thread if you like  ;)

A Mini NANY does not come under the same stringent rules that a normal NANY does, and could include:

* A Pledge / Release that the developer thinks is not substantial enough to be a Normal NANY (It might be a very simple script that's incredibly useful).
* A Pledge / Release that will not be completed (Maybe a partner could be found?).
* A Pledge / Release that does not quite fit a Normal NANY.
The main aim of the Mini NANY is to enable everyone to participate... so now there is no excuse (even if you are time poor) not to get involved and join the fun!  :Thmbsup:

To submit a Mini NANY in this Thread, simply:

* Add a new reply and change the title to your Mini NANY (eg Mini NANY 2010: Working Title)
* Attach the file or link to your reply
Mini NANY Submissions

* Gobbledegook: Mix up your sentences and keep readability.
* Gamers Alarm Clock: GAC is a simple alarm clock, albeit with a slight twist.
* Miranda Alias pack for FARR: Let's you control Miranda with FARR.
* DisablePortableAppSplashScreen: Disables the splash screen of Portable Apps
* BigTimer: A small timer app with big top left corner digits

Perry Mowbray:
Gobbledegook started as a bit of fun between a colleague when she sent me an email with more than a few typos.

I'd heard about the fact that our brains read the first and last letter of words and guess the rest, so I wrote this very quick script that allows me to email funny messages back (that are mostly readable).

Have fun, this is a very quick rewrite (a couple of hours the other night) of my original (in AutoIt3) because I couldn't find it anymore  ;). Hence why it's Mini NANY.

If you have AutoHotKey installed, download (2.61 kB - downloaded 929 times.) and unzip it somewhere and run Gobbledegook.ahk
If you do not have AutoHotKey installed, download Gobbledegook.exe (200.48 kB - downloaded 2882 times.) and run it

After running either the ahk script or the exe, enter the words to be modified and press return:

The modified words will be displayed in the history window:

this is a little script I've been using for a while (in fact, it's so trivial I'm a little embarrassed to be posting it...)

GAC (Gamers Alarm Clock) is a simple alarm clock, albeit with a slight twist.

I'm a gamer, and I have a curfew (SWMBO gets very annoyed if I stay up till all hours playing).

Over the years I've tried any number of clock/alarm app's but they have all fallen short for one reason or another (eg they don't sound when you're in a game, or they do, but they steal focus, etc)

Given that my needs here are minimal (ie let me know when I get to nominated time without interrupting whatever it is i'm doing) I knocked up the below.  

Where this differs from any alarm tools that I've seen is that it doesn't actually sound an alarm - when an alarm time is reached it toggles the mute status on and off.

This is extremely effective, yet it doesn't interrupt anything and you can still hear whatever it might be that your listening to (so it works when your listening to music, watching a video, or playing games)

All functions (snooze, cancel, quit, reload, edit alarms) are controlled by hotkeys - mouse over the tray icon to see a list (editing is also accessible by right clicking the tray icon)

There's no GUI (apart from an input box to set alarms) so no screenshots, but it sounds like this - "                   "

see the code here...

--- ---/*
Gamers alarm clock - Target Dec08

Alarm clock functionality for gamers.  
Alarms denoted by stuttering mute status - 'audible' during game play and doesn't interupt anything  

alarm times read from ini file (GAC.INI)
all times in 24hour clock (format H:mm - note no leading zeros on the hour)
multiple alarms can be set by separating times with a comma

traytip display of alarm times on mouseover tray icon
alarm times can be set from tray menu or hotkey (or edit the INI file manually)

WIN+F8 - Reload
WIN+F9 - edit alarms
WIN+F10 - Quit
WIN+F11 - snooze (10 minutes)
WIN+RMouseButton    - snooze (10 minutes) - for FPS
WIN+F12 - stop alarm

sendmode InputThenPlay



iniread, alarm,GAC.INI,alarms,times

menu,tray,tip,Alarms:%alarm%`n`nHOTKEYS`n#F9 - Edit alarms`n#F10 - quit`n#F11 - Snooze (10Mins)`n#F12 - stop alarm

if a_loopfield = %TChk%
if Brake
sleep, 200 ;125
sleep, 800 ;700
sleep, 15000

#F9::gosub EditINI


sleep, 600000


gui,add,edit,r1 vtmp1 gupdt,%alarm%
gui,add,button,default w50 gSave, Submit
gui, add, button,x65 y33 w50 gFormClose,Exit
gui, -sysmenu -caption +border
gui,show, autosize center


gui, destroy
splashtexton,,,Alarms Updated

ifwinexist, GAC - About
    gui, destroy
tmp1:= alarms
gui, destroy

Gui, add, text, ,Gamers Alarm Clock `(NANY Clock`) is a simple alarm tool `n`nAlarms denoted by toggling the mute status on and off - 'audible' during game play and doesn't interupt anything `n`nAlarm times read from ini file (GAC.INI) `n`nAll times in 24hour clock (format H:mm - note no leading zeros on the hour) `n`nMultiple alarms can be set by separating times with a comma `n`ntraytip display of alarm times on mouseover tray icon `n`nalarm times can be set from tray menu or hotkey (or edit the INI file manually) `n`nHOTKEYS `n`nWIN+F8                        - Reload `n`nWIN+F9                        - edit alarms `n`nWIN+F10                      - Quit `n`nWIN+F11                      - snooze `(10 minutes`) `n`nWIN+RMouseButton    - snooze (10 minutes) - for FPS `n`nWIN+F12                      - stop alarm
gui, show, ,GAC - About

SWMBO gets very annoyed if I stay up till all hours playing
-Target (December 12, 2009, 04:10 AM)
--- End quote ---
That's your own fault! Resume the saltpetre tablets and let her get some sleep.

I like the idea of Mini NANY! I've got a FARR alias pack that I've been working on that might fall into this category. Makes me feel like I participate in NANY 2010 :-[


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