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@Perry Mowbray: I made a few years ago a cryptor/decryptor of such texts for a coding-contest. You can decode the whole bible in only a few seconds with it with very good results - a lot of languages and slangs are supported :D. If you have enough memory you can even calculate new words and grammatical variants that can be used for decoding. It is called the Salatschleuder. I improved it after the contest. So download the final version here if you like.  ;)
-Crush (December 13, 2009, 09:53 AM)
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Hi Crush
I'm not sure what you mean by "a cryptor/decryptor of such texts" or "You can decode the whole bible" - I presume it's something for coders but I may be wrong... ?

This program takes the shuffled words and tries to find the correct replacement for them to make it normal readable again.
Shuffled text:
Tihs prmgoar tkeas the sflufehd wrdos and teris to fnid the ceocrrt rpleemaecnt for tehm to make it nmoral rabaelde aagin.

@Crush: I understood better via your example.  Nice!

SWMBO gets very annoyed if I stay up till all hours playing
-Target (December 12, 2009, 04:10 AM)
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That's your own fault! Resume the saltpetre tablets and let her get some sleep.
-cranioscopical (December 12, 2009, 06:42 AM)
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NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name BigTimer Version v091227 Short Description A small timer app with big top left corner digitsSupported OSes Windows XP and laterWeb Page Requirements
* Win XP or laterVersion History
* v091227 first versionAuthor Nod5

I wanted a small, simple timer and alarm app that was very quick to set up yet had big digits. There are many timer/eggclock/alarm apps out there but I didn't find one that did exactly what I wanted. So I made it myself.
- TIMER and ALARM modes
- big digits in the top left screen corner
- timer digit display phases: above 5 minutes = only minutes are shown, 5-2 minutes = M:SS, 2-0 minutes = seconds.
- when time is up an alarm sounds and a clock image pops up
Planned Features
A countup mode i.e. BigTimer counts upwards to let you keep track of for how long you've been doing something.


Unzip, then run BigTimer.exe. Help is shown on first run.

Using the Application
input 0000-2359 --> ALARM set in HH:MM format
input 0-999    --> TIMER set in minutes
See webpage/helpfile for command line and FARR use
none, just delete the files
Known Issues

edit 180223: updated download page URL


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