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Updated threads in bold rather than with 'new' label

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Thanks all for these suggestions, scripts and alternate readers, but my initial remark was related to a modification that would work for all browsers with no add-on.

My question would actually better be split into two :
1/ do you agree it improves readability ?
2/ can it be done, at server lever ?

And would the admin(s) do it ?

Is this mod only for discussions in this forum?
If so, then I can't really see the point of the modification, because readability seems quite good:
(a) Newly-posted discussion topics always come up with a fresh title.
(b) Subsequent comments to an existing post are always preceded by "Re:"

(You can see this at )

Could you define which view of the discussion forum you think would have improved readability with whatever mod you have in mind? It is not clear to me which view you might be referring to nor what the effect of the mod would be.

In the attached image,

Updated threads in bold rather than with 'new' label

The thread "finding my bookmarks for the forum" is followed by a small <new> while I think it would be quicker to see that it is new by having it in bold.

The "new" doesn't just mark a thread as having new posts. It has that extra functionality the regular post link doesn't have.

Clicking the link takes you to the top of page 1 in a thread. Clicking the "new" takes you to the first unread post in the thread.

On a thread with many pages, it's less clicks to click the "new" to get to where you left off.

If you merely changed the link to bold and removed the "new" then you would have only the link to take you to the first page of the thread, which would be a bit of a pain when you have a multi-page thread you have been following or participating in.

I understand, then why not have both, and maybe user-selectable for those who want to keep the current display.


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