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FScript 1.9: querynokeyword problem


Hey everyone,

I'm currently learning the FARR plugin model & FScript by endeavouring to write a plugin that can manipulate Trac sites via XML-RPC.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with FScript or with my understanding, but I've hit a problem with the querynokeyword parameter being passed to onSearchBegin. The docs say that "querynokeyword is the query without alias", but the value I'm receiving is always exactly the same as the value in queryraw.

So with an alias string of 'trac', when I enter 'trac test', both querynokeyword and queryraw return the value 'trac test', whereas from my reading of the docs I'm expecting querynokeyword to be 'test'.

Is that what I should expect or have I got it all wrong?


I'm afraid it's what you currently have to expect. See here:

Seems like mouser didn't address this issue yet. Most certainly because he's not aware of it ;)

hmm.. let me go check this out and report -- i thought that i did fix this.

can you see if you type something like:
trac +foo test +bar

whether it strips out the +words in querynokeyword?


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