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Network adapter problem with v2.23.01

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if only life were so simple :)

let me see what i find when i work on urlsnooper in the next couple of days and report back.

Thankyou. I have a feeling it's something on my end (obviously), but it says that "the device is working perfectly." Yet, there is a message that says for me to plug in a cable for LAN, but I'm not on a LAN and don't want the adapter for that reason.

Hi I'm new here, I registered to get the key. But also have the problem that Url Snooper fails to detect a network adapter on my computer. But I got three network adapters showing in urlsnooper, but the app won't work. I gave it administrative rights, but still no go. Even unchecking Auto determine network on startup wouldn't do the trick.

So I uninstalled urlsnooper and reinstalled it again, but this time i took a screenshots of the install.

Looking at the pic, it shows my computer doesn't have the required files????

I'm running Vista Home Premium (64bit), on a laptop running AMD Turion Dual-Core Mobile 2.20 GHz, and 4 GB ram memory. I bought this laptop only 6 months ago.. But the pic shows I don't have the required files? Maybe this is the reason urlnsnooper doesn't work?

im kinda envious of you, at least you get adapters.. all I get is empty space  :-[

everyone having trouble with network adapters can you please see this post:

and report back on that post your experience there.


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