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Network adapter problem with v2.23.01

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I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic and using URL Snooper v2.23.01.

* Automatic Network Adapter test fails on various test URLs of basic websites
* I manually choose a NA (Realtek) from the drop down menu and start sniffing, which doesn't work and brings up the auto-detect menu - which fails again
* I checked "Run as administrator", restarted the program and that doesn't work either

What else can I do to get it working? Thanks for any help, as this is by far the best program available for sniffing. Worked on another PC but not on this one.

just disable automatic network adapter detection from advanced options and set your adapter manually.
automatic network adapter detection is purely optional and does nothing more than help you choose your adapter -- it can fail when a firewall blocks url snooper or for various other reasons, and is unneeded.

Did that and had the same problem as another user - the sniff did nothing, didn't even show the text where it says how many pakcets it's picking up. I think the NA isn't even connecting/operating. Realtek is the only adapter showing on the dropdown menu.

Adding URL Snooper to Windows Firewall exceptions...

when you click to start sniffing and then browse the web, you don't see packets counting in the status bar?
do you know if the realtek is your network card?

ps. adding it to the firewall is not needed to sniff -- only to do automatic network adapter detection, which as i said is not important.


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