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NANY 2010 Release: Page Countster

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Stoic Joker:
I wouldn't worry too much about the print screen functionality at this point in time.  It would be nice but probably not worth the effort.  Unless some others would like it too.  I can just use excel to print it.-techidave (December 14, 2009, 04:34 PM)
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lol ... Okay, now I'm confused... Which are we "printing", the programs, or the printer's graphical display screen? The .gif thing I was talking about earlier was regarding the printer's graphical display (which I gave up on a year ago).

Printing the program's report output window (e.g. the ListView control's contents) is do-able (in reasonable time frame). That's part of the Email report HTML formatting thing we discussed earlier. I'm currently working on the Save Toner Levels on report code and should have it finished tonight. If you don't mind a quick & dirty "Print" function I can stream the formatted output to a text.htm file which opens in the default browser for printing...when I do the HTML Email code.

Since my users don't normally print a huge amount so being able read the display is a big deal for me.  not yet anyway.
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Okay, it was just a thought...That had occurred to me when in the situation I was describing.

It's interesting how my Xerox DocuPrint N2125's page counts shows up under the Color Page Count column.  It also doesn't report the serial number.

But I would bet this is just how that model is programmed.
-techidave (December 14, 2009, 04:35 PM)
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Hm... Is that during the scan? Or when reopening the report? Xerox has a habit of piling a bunch of stuff into one field and then parsing it out later (I'm guessing the last part). The main reason that .tsv is a file save option is/was Xerox, and their inane habit of returning commas in the response string. It would work fine in the ListView control, but totally BorK a .csv file (for I'd gather rather obvious reasons).

Now if it's the initial scan that's being garbled then that is something I've not seen before (OIDs used are Industry Standard RFC stuff). I tried piecing the report you posted earlier, but can't be sure if the save function didn't trip over an extra comma (HostName is also oddly missing). Let me know if goofs up the info during the scan and I'll try to find something in that series I can MIB walk if need be.

I will post a screenshot.  Sorry about the confusion.  I am not a coder by any means.  If I ask for something and it sounds like its too difficult, then I will say forget it.  The screenshot is what I would like to be able to print.

Stoic Joker:
Hay, don't give up the ship man...even my boss liked your toner levels idea ... and if the boss is happy... ;)

I've got the toner levels stitched into the report, but want to do the HTML formatted Email thing before doing another release (day or so).

On the Xerox issue I'm not sure what I can do, but I'm not prone to giving up. I'm supposed to be off Wednesday, but I go on vacation next week so that (wednesday off) may get canceled. Assuming it doesn't how does your Wednesday look, and is a Skype Video call an option?

Ok, I will hang in there.  Also the xerox's only report )% or 100% toner level.  but the web access doesn't give you a percent either so probably nothing could be done there.  Hmmm... I wonder if a firmware update would take care of that?

We do have Skype installed on one of the computers in the lab.  I would have to find out what time it is free and let you know.  We are 1 hour behind you.

I have the latest firmware on already, so update there.


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