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NANY 2010 Release: Page Countster

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Hey this is awesome Joker!   :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :eusa_dance: :greenclp:  It will even find the toner level and page count on a networkable copy machine!

Finding the page count on some of the lasers that have an external print server hooked up to them can be a challenge but this piece of software will get it.

I cannot think of anything that needs to be added.  All the info that one could ever hope to find in one spot!

Stoic Joker:
Uh-oh ...I've been adding stuff... Hope it's ok :) ...Current build is v1.0.0.155

Can now send test page to any network printer without needing its driver installed.
Can (temporarily) alter the Ready State message on the printers display.
Email Printer Info Report is now (configurable) "fixed" so that you can enter any Email address, mail server, & subject line. Previously the defaults were hard-coded & sent all scan reports to my work Email ... nobody sent me any ... Now the default is to popup the configure options dialog.

Ok, Ok, Ok... I guess we can live with a few more features.

I saw the email report and then when I tried it and said something about emailing to LAP Technologies so I canceled it.

I look forward to trying the "new" version tomorrow.

Previously the defaults were hard-coded & sent all scan reports to my work Email
--- End quote ---

ah ha!!!
now we caught you, trying to secretly amass information about all the world's printer toner supply..

Did anyone notice that Page Countster already got it's own writeup at ghacks:


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