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Priority Master 2005


I have been using this prog for about 2 wks. now. It can be 'got' at
I would like to know if anyone else out there is using it and what you think of it. Personally, I like it. I automatically makes any and all processes that are in the front a high priority. It also allows you to change a programs priority permanently (as long as Priority Master is running). For the cost $9.50, I think it's worth it. Perhaps donationcoder powers that be might even consider it for a review.
The only issue I've had with it is when I've run Microsoft's AntiSpyWare at the same time. MSA's tray icon starts to replicate itself for no apparent reason. It doesn't stop this behavior until Priority Master has been shut down. So...I stopped having MSA running! :D I still do scans with it and SpyBot but I would rather have Priority Master up and active.

Thanks to all at DonationCoder for everything. I'm proud to be a member!  8)

i'm willing to bet you haven't tried our own Process Tamer yet :)

it's one of the most popular programs on this site.  it's free.

i'd be happy to hear any suggestions or feature requests you might have.

[i've edited this post in response to a conversation i had with the author of priority master; if i implied that we would be "copying" any functions of priority master that was not my intent - only to invite people to make feature requests inspired by other programs, as always.  in addition, although it was not requested of me,  the general policy on this site has been to avoid making editorial comments that our programs are better than others, and i've decided to remove my comment about process tamer being better than any other program.  those of you who know this site know that we have always encouraged users to try other apps for themselves and come to their own decisions.  one of the benefits of running this site the way we do is that we don't have to depend on hiding information about 'competing' products, etc.  bottom line: try programs for yourself, make up your own mind.  no single program is best for all people.]

I might be wrong, but wasn't this program for sale at 5x the price last year?  In that respect it certainly is pretty good product to consider and perhaps even a bargain.  Thinking back in my cloudy and distant memory, the web site was appalling, the application was garish, yet that being said, it was actually a fully featured, powerful and competent package.

For $9.95 I think it may well be worth checking out for some people.  Ahem (mouser), I still use Process Tamer myself.  ;)


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