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National Characters

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I switched from Ditto to CHS because Ditto was taking 50% of my CPU. But when I copy paste ěščřžýáíé I get ìšèøžýáíé. Is there any way how to solve such a problem? I use English Win7 with Czech Local settings.


i'm afraid to say the answer.. CHS is not going to be good at unicode :(

CHS is written in Borland Codegear Embarcardo C++ Builder, and like many of my apps, does not handle unicode (non-ascii) characters well.  However, unlike some of my other programs, modifying it to support Unicode should as hard as the rest.. I've put it on my todo list -- maybe i will make it my first foray into unicode support.

I had the same experience (with the same language) and went back to Ditto because of this.

@mouser: Unicode would be fine, but most of us would be happy with just the system locale codepage support. Would that be easier to implement?

@czb: I had the same problem with Ditto on XP and Vista. I managed to fix it (at least for some time) by deleting some large clips and then performing "Compact and Repair Database".

@mouser: you are mixing some things. Embarcadero i perfectly capable of displaying national symbols. What czb is talking is not unicode. Whar ex Borland C++ does not support is multibyte Unicode encodings like corean, chinese etc. Ther rest it supports just fine. I know that as I was working with borland Delphi before using croatian or any other locales - no Unicode 16bit...

and for me it really is a must have... too bad i have to revert to ditto.


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