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No network adapters detected!?

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Reni, when you test the adapter in the pic, does it come up as a Success or a Failure to Detect? On my other PC (the one that works and shows 3 adapters), a generic dial-up adapter is one of the working adapters (from memory of using it a couple days ago.)

I wonder if there's a way of sourcing every available adapter on our PC and linking them up with URL Snooper. That would give us alot more adapters to test.

All adapters should be detected automatically; im going to work on this on sunday and see if i can spot anything strange with my winpcap interface.

Ok so can i ask anyone who is having trouble with urlsnooper not reporting all or any adapters to download windump from the winpcap site:

Then open up a commandline prompt where the windump.exe executable is, and run: windump -D
(note that the D must be capitalized)

And let me know if windump reports a different list of adapters than url snooper does.

sent you a PM with the results.. obviously as it DID discover them and URL Snooper didnt.. the results _are_ different ..

hope it helps you figure this out..

ok that's a good sign.. getting closer then.


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