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No network adapters detected!?

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both url hunter and wireshark works when run as administrator..just tested..

during the OMG IT DOESNT WORK/DESPERATION TESTING OF ANYTHING-mode I was having yesterday I even tried running the installers for both urlsnooper and winpcap separately as admin and that made no difference either..

i appreciate all the help testing this -- there is no reason url snooper shouldnt work -- it may simply be a case of me needing to update the network adapter detection code i use to account for some winpcap change.. i'll try to get it done this week.  if you don't mind i'll email you and maybe you can help me test some test versions in the next day or two?

sure, email away! :)

Got the same problem on my XP SP3.My onboard network adapter is Marvell 88E8039.
Here's a snapshot

mm RENI, what is that adapter for dialup thing?.. I dont even get that.. mine is totally blank


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