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NANY 2010 - Instructions

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Thanks Perry, you're a class act. :)

- Oshyan

Perry Mowbray:
I'm proud to announce that we are now accepting Mini NANY Pledges and Entries.

:-\ What on earth is a Mini NANY?

We became aware that there may be a number of people who, for whatever reason, don't have the resources to complete a full NANY this year (me being one  :-[). And rather than exclude them from the fun of releasing something for the New Year, we decided to introduce a new category in NANY called Mini NANY.

A Mini NANY could be:

* A Pledge / Release that the developer thinks is not substantial enough to be a Normal NANY (It might be a very simple script that's incredibly useful).
* A Pledge / Release that will not be completed (Maybe a partner could be found?).
* A Pledge / Release that does not quite fit a Normal NANY.
We're hoping that providing a category with a lower bar will enable everyone to participate... so now there is no excuse (even if you are time poor) not to get involved and join the fun!

wanted to add that i think if you create a new website with some substantial info about something that is useful for people, and is in same spirit of promoting free information (not a business site designed to make you money!), this should count as NANY or mini-NANY too.

How to get RedMine for N.A.N.Y. entries?

register on the redmine page (
then send me a message or email([email protected]) letting me know the project name you want, and i will create project and make you manager of it.


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