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NANY 2010 - Instructions

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Perry Mowbray:

N.A.N.Y. stands for "New Apps for the New Year", and is an event where we try to get all the coders who hang out at to release a brand new FREEWARE/DONATIONWARE application to celebrate the coming of the new year. The NANY event is a celebration of software - it's not a competition and there is no winner.  

Who can believe that the 2009 Challenge was 12 months ago already? It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the enormous success of NANY 2009... and now it's time to get down and make NANY 2010 an even bigger success!

The Challenge

* Pledge that you are participating well before the New Year (you shouldn't just wait until Dec 31 to reveal whether you decided to participate or not); DECEMBER 18 is a good date to shoot for to pledge to participate.
* Release the application on or before 31st December 2009.
* Any type of application can be included: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web, iPhone, Android, Script, Plugin, etc., but it needs to be a new program that hasn't been released publicly before November 2009 (updates to existing programs don't qualify unless they are complete rewrites).
* You don't have to be affiliated with - you still get to announce it as part of the N.A.N.Y. Challenge: you keep all the rights to your software, this is just an event to encourage coders to release new free tools.
* It must be free (or donationware) for personal use.
The Process
1. Make a pledge in NANY 2010 Pledge to Participate Here thread. NANY's come in two variations:

* Normal NANY
* Mini NANY: for projects that the developer thinks is not substantial enough for a Normal NANY; for example: small scripts.2. Create a Thread when you're ready in the NANY 2010 board.

* The Thread Subject should contain the title of the project and it's status: eg: NANY 2010 TEASER: My Project or Mini NANY 2010 TEASER: My Mini Project

* TEASER: Initial post with long description, screenshots, etc
* PRE-RELEASE: Pre-release version is available for download and testing.
* FINAL RELEASE: Final version of entry.
* Use the NANY Submission Template from the "Add Preset Text" dropdown and add as many details as you can. The details in the Initial Post can be developed over time if necessary3. Maintain your Project. All Normal NANY Submissions will receive a RedMine DC Project where they can use RedMine's bug tracker, wiki, files and documents. This year you'll be able to track the downloads and manage issue tracking through RedMine.

* If you don't need a RedMine Project and you do not have a space to put your files DonationCoder will create a site for you.
* The idea behind using RedMine is that the Forum will hopefully stay easier to read.4. Use the NANY Ribbons to link to your Pledge/Entry from your website, etc.
NANY 2010 - Instructions

The Rules

* All submissions must be made in a new thread on the NANY 2010 board.

* a Normal NANY Entry must contain:

* at least one screen shot
* the latest version information
* a link to the download file. Attachments to your post should not be used for your submission.
* a link to the programme website. The RedMine project page should be used in preference, or your own external site if you prefer.
* a list of any volunteers that helped you on your project.Remember this is your pitch to users, and is used as the basis of blog updates and Newsletters.
* a Mini NANY Entry should contain:

* screen shots if appropriate (a script without output may not have a screen shot)
* It may be more appropriate to attach the file to the post, as there probably wont be a programme website.
* Must be a previously unreleased application (updates to existing programs don't qualify unless they are complete rewrites).
* It must be free or donationware.
Another new innovation this year is volunteers, Volunteers will receive a NANY Prize as well. Volunteers can make themselves available in the Volunteer Thread. Volunteers can do anything to help the NANY authors, including:

* Create Icons
* Create SplashScreen
* Create DCUpdater File
* Create Sounds / Music
* Create / edit RedMine Page
* Beta Testers
* Text reviewer / editor
* Translations
The Rewards
The NANY event is a community celebration, not a competition and therefore there can be no winner; apart from the obvious rewards for the software using community, everyone who participates in NANY, either as a software author or volunteer, will receive a stunning DonationCoder mug or T-Shirt with a brand new and very collectible NANY 2010 image designed by the artist Nick Pearson (See NANY 2009 image).

So? What are you waiting for?
There's an Ideas Thread if you're stuck for an idea...

And there's the Volunteer Thread if you just want to help others out!

I'm so excited!  :greenclp:

A *HUGE* thank you to nudone for making the NANY 2010 image.. that image on a mug is going to be a beauty to behold.

that image on a mug is going to be a beauty to behold-mouser
--- End quote ---
Forget the mug it should be on a franken stein!

Perry Mowbray:
that image on a mug is going to be a beauty to behold-mouser
--- End quote ---
Forget the mug it should be on a franken stein!
-cranioscopical (December 02, 2009, 07:42 PM)
--- End quote ---

You know Chris, have you thought about offering your skills as a Volunteer Punner  :D It would make ReadMe's and Help Files much more fun to read!


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