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NANY 2010 - Offers of Assistance

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I am happy to help with possible icons/graphics as my time permits. :)

I'm also happy to assist in any way that's needed.  I can turn my hand to a lot of things (but, on the debit side, I'm old and grouchy)...  ;)

fenix, I can help with your addressbook project.  But I have zero programming skills so it would have to be in other areas.

I'm looking for assistance with my FarrWebMetaSearch FARR plugin. The plugin can show search results from a web page whereby the results are extracted with a regular expression. So I'm looking for people who are either fluent with regular expressions or are more patient than I am ;) If you're interested please PM me so I can send you a preliminary version of the plugin and some instructions.

Last minute or what?  :-[  SwoopoSpy is the program, and I need an icon.  I will go with my non-artistic version if no one can help at this late date... TIA


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