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Third DC meet-up of the German faction


I would like to invite all the Berlin-based users and friends of to the third get-together.

Again, c-base seems like a good place to meet. So, I have decided this meet-up shall take place on Sunday, January 3rd at 6pm in the mainhall of c-base.

Participants will receive one super-awesome mug, specially created for the meet-ups at c-base. If you already received one such mug, you may not get another one though ;) The mugs are huge with a handle large enough for the whole hand!

keyvaluedateJanuary 3, 2010time6:00 pm or 18:00placec-basecontact (if forum doesn't work)[email protected]

I hope to see some more faces in January!

i'm drinking tea out of the mug right now and can verify housetier's statement regarding the mug-specs and general awesomeness.


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