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MiniCap - Screenshot Captor Scrolling Window and New Obj Select Test

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I try Control+shift+left mouse click
and all began blinking

I'll put a video

I lost the video too.
black screen. I think need to study the instructions
Don't worry I will learn the tricks and knowledge

Don't worry Mouser. i put a post for this and I will continue trying. i am doing something wrong sure, but we hace the video tutorials I have to revise and learn.
May be the key combination or i don't know
I continue here

Best Regards

I must be a bit dense, but I do not see the utility of being able to capture screen objects, such as individual keys on  screen. Since this operation is a bit complex, would it not be equivalent to simply capture the screen containing the object, and crop the screen in the editor, to get a picture of the (or most) object?

I guess there are some `objects' that are not obvious parts of larger screens?


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