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I tried this program out and found it completely disabled my sound. Major problem for other people too, and lots of posts on their forums about it. Disappointing to still find it was a problem given that the original reports were quite a few years ago, and disappointing that there never seemed to be any response from the company. I noticed on my system, the mute button on volume control was effectively disabled. Given the reports and the lack of an obvious solution, I didn't waste time trying to solve this (though I did have a look at what the program does and how it does it), I just did a system restore and returned to normal.

I do wonder whether there is a solution to my problem, and I expect that it works fine on most computers.

And I do think it is cheap at the offer price for what it does.

It seems to be able to do a good job searching, recording and tagging from streams. But do I want that? Well, probably not really. There's a lot of streams it covers (30k+) - but most are very poor quality and very few are good quality. OKish to listen to, but I wouldn't want to record from them. And I do have progs that can do it a bit anyway, though not so well, and I've never done it.

It seems to have a reasonable format converter. I have progs that do this anyway, and all I ever want to do is to get stuff into flac format for archiving and mp3 for playing. I do have some progs for video converting, but never use them; I don't collect many video files, though I can see that I might start doing it more in the future with all the tutorials etc around now.

The DRM removal does look a good feature. And I do remember removing DRM at some point in the past (I think I didn't put a tick in the right box when I ripped from a CD), so I must already have a prog that does it. Not so well I'm sure, but it isn't something I ever do. I generally rip from CDs; I never buy DRM protected tracks. Though I can imagine I would do this more if I ever get an ebook reader. Again, it looks good for video, but again it's not something I do; I don't rip from DVDs, though I can quite well enough with software I already have.

Managing the music I already have isn't something I'd use it for.

But, I'm still slightly attracted to the offer price; it seems as if it is something I might use on a different computer if I ever do start collecting videos. But, in the circumstances, I do find it rather odd that I feel slightly attracted rather than totally repelled.

let me repel you just a little (more). I tried the feature "search cover, ID tags and lyrics". I didn't get a single set of lyrics, and the already perfect tags had their leading zero removed (but was otherwise kept intact).

You may have an insane huge amount of money, but I don't. If I want some music, I will have to get it from my ISP, (for "free", as part of my contract), as drm encoded 192 kbps wma files. I have some 30.000 files of that kind, so drm removal is extremely important to me. So important that it *almost* doesn't matter to me what else the program can do or not do. I have still not tried any of the other features the program has, but of course I am going to use the radio part a lot. I already had some 3.000 audio files from the late Radio Bluegrass (who died a year ago), and I am eager to get some more music that I otherwise never would get to hear. This is a very important part of downloading streams, I think; the chance to get to hear (and have) music you otherwise never would have heard (or purchased).

I think DRM removal is extremely important. I don't have any DRM protected files (always removed it when I inadvertently got them), and have never had many; I won't buy them and have no way of getting them free, so it's never been a big issue. If I was in your situation where I got DRM protected files free, then it would be a big issue for me too.

I agree that the good thing about streaming is hearing music I'd not come across before. It's just that I'm not interested in having any now at a lower rate than 192kbps and few streams are at that level. And, even if they were, there would be no point in me trying to record them because the quality of my connection means that nearly everything I got would be incomplete.

If I want some music, I will have to get it from my ISP, (for "free", as part of my contract), as drm encoded 192 kbps wma files.-Curt (November 28, 2009, 03:32 AM)
--- End quote ---

That's pretty cool you can get music for 'free' like that. For someone like you a program like this makes perfect sense, but you are the first person I have ever heard of that has an ISP deal like that so I imagine such a thing is uncommon.

As for radio streams, a lot of them are 90 kbps streams so I can see listening to them to discover new music I really can't see keeping the recordings around long term...maybe just long enough to replace it with a better copy.

A slightly scaled down version is today's giveaway. It is portable.

Full price is now $80. Today's version gives the right to upgrade to the full version for half the normal price: $40, which also happens to be the normal upgrade price.


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