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Photo Charity Bundle - Happy Labor Day weekend (20USD)


 From this site For this weekend only, get $326 worth of photography/imaging apps for just $20. Additionally, you'll also get a free copy of the ebook "50 Common Windows Problems and Solutions" and be in the running to win a free iPad 2!

The bundle coupon code embedded in the link). So pay 20USD instead 40 USD, consists of 5 Windows applications:

1. Automata ($199) workflow automation software for advanced colour correction, image editing and colour management.

2. PhotoEQ ($18) extremely useful software for batch processing and editing multiple image files

3. easyHDR PRO HOME (€35) image processing software that produces and tone maps High Dynamic Range (HDR) images

4. BatchPhoto Home ($34.95) feature-packed batch photo manipulation software

5. SpringPublisher PRO ($23.95) desktop publisher software

Something similar was on offer end July or so
Photo Charity Bundle Worth $326. Now $40
did anyone indulge?
If so, any comments on the apps on offer? in particular Automata (

I took this offer back then, "of course"! Today I stumbled upon my license key for EasyHDR version 2, and was curious to see what it would take to update the old almost-free version to the new version 3. So I pasted bundlelytic's "donation for UNICEF"-email address (and a certain part of the old license key) into their box, and to my surprise it was accepted - and I was offered a 60% discount!!! Using PayPal, the new key was automatically given to my own email address.


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